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absolutely love this necklace! I love the durable hemp design and the beautiful beads! The pipe glass was thick but not too thick as to overwhelm the mushroom design. The bowl capacity was a nice surprise since, when worn, the pipe doesn't look too big. Just the perfect size!! The pipe itself had an awesome oceanic blue color scheme and a mesmerizing fluid look to it also. ^-^ A wonderful piece of art from the awesome, quality people at PsySub! Can't wait to order again!!

Emerald Green Irish Celtic Mushroom Hemp Necklace

Green and black hemp necklace with Celtic fimo/glass mushroom pendant, emerald green glass beads and magnetic hematite beads.

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This necklace was made with the idea of combining the Irish celtic style with greens and natural elements with a new twist.

We made the macrame on this necklace using a combination of dark forest green and black hemp. Both these hemps are 6ply for durability, unwaxed for soft comfort, and non toxic dyed with vibrant colors. We did a spiral knot pattern that alternates at the pendant for a symmetrical effect.

The pendant is a fimo glass mushroom. The base is a handmade lampwork glass green mushroom inside a boro glass teardrop. The piece has then been topped with a clay fimo cap that has intricate Celtic artwork (including animals and knotwork) on it. This makes for a mushroom within a mushroom.

I handpicked some of my best handmade glass beads for best color matching and quality. The ones next to the pendant are pearlized emerald green rounds. The next glass ones in line are pearlised emerald green ovals, and the green ones closest to the back are dark green india glass beads.

We added some magnetized hematite (hemalyke) rounds in between the glass beads and a strong magnetic clasp for a strong magnetic current effect throughout the whole piece.




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