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Beautiful craftsmanship. Tightly woven hemp and overall lovely handiwork. I needed this necklace in time for a party, and seller was able to create and ship the product in time, without compromising on quality. Crystal looks beautiful in the sunlight! Am very pleased with both the product & the service. Will recommend this shop to others :) Thank you!

Amethyst Crystal Point Gemstone Magnetic Hemp Necklace

Amethyst crystal hemp necklace on purple and black hemp with magnetic and gemstone beads.

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I put a lot of energy into this piece. The intention was for it to be a holistic type of jewelry, to promote healing, or to increase ones confidence.

This is one of my magnetic hemp necklaces; made with soft 12ply unwaxed vibrant purple and black hemp for a good contrast. We made alternating spiral macrame knots that are symmetrically mirrored on each side. This makes for a nice eye catching spiral.

The pendant is a beautiful double terminated amethyst crystal point wrapped with silver wire. It has a nice chevron effect with dark purple and quartz. (Amethyst is a variety of quartz, so they often grow together) It has a wonderful sparkle in the light, with an incandescent effect.

I added also some amethyst beads with a really nice contrast and good color, some of them also have a similar chevron effect. The other beads are magnetic hematite, finalizing the magnetic effect of the necklace.




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