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This is the 3rd item I have bought from psysub. The creations are beautiful, well made from natural hemp and stones. The craftsmanship is very good, and the prices are very reasonable. Shipping prices are great too. Will buy again and I do recommend this vendor.

Celtic Tree of Life Bracelet

Dark green hemp bracelet with celtic tree of life pendant and pewter beads.

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The focal point of this unique bracelet is a (lead-free) pewter cast of the Tree of Life, as depicted by the ancient celts. This symbolises our connection with the untimate energies that provide us with sustinance, shelter, air and water.

The hemp used to make the macrame knots that are attached to either side of the pendant is a dark forest green, fitting to the earthy feel of this piece. I combined some square knot with some spirals between the beads.

The beads are some small pewter rounds with square shaped holes on them. They bring out the shading in the pendant and add to the metal tone.

The insides of the hemp are stainless beading wire for added durability. This bracelet will not wear out quickly like most hemp bracelets.




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