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I'm not a fan of pewter charms, but the brilliant enameling makes this one worth it. :) I absolutely love the colors (and the eco-friendliness) of the hemp and beads used in this necklace. It goes with so many things in my wardrobe! It's light-weight and comfortable, not scratchy at all, and easy to put on and take off. I like the slightly different effects I can achieve with the adjustable chain as well. Keep up the wonderful work! :)
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Psysub - Psychedelic Sub-Culture Jewelry & Design

Original and Unique Hemp Jewelry for Individuals.


PSYSUB: Psychelelic Sub-Culture-


We make original and unique hemp jewelry to fit the indevidual with inspirations from the underground cultures of the past and today. We make jewelry that makes you stand out, and shows the world what your interested in.

Although most hemp jewelry is run of the mill, and you may think you've seen everything; we aim to take a very broad spectrum of sub-culture styles and integrate them into an eco-friendly version.

Some of our more cutting edge designs include lace gothic chokers with pagan and fantasy pendants, black nacklaces with silver adornments, celtic and pagan alike.

We also are the only hemp designers to combine the healing aspect with our necklaces in the Magnetic and Gemstone catagory. Many have magnetic clasps and contain magnatized hematite beads, and even a flexible stainless steel middle of the necklace for durability and extreme magnetic power. We like to use rarved gemstone pendants and crystal points with matching semi-precious stone beads. Very elegant.

Check out designs that have been inspired by the original premise of hemp jewelry also, like psychedelic inspired with mushrooms and rainbow hemp; phat hemp with blown glass pendants and lampwork beads. Natural and Earthy colors combined with bright colors as well. Our jewelry is also very durable with clasp attachments.

Psysub also creates other designs. Check out our designer recycled leather bracelets and collars (with wonderful handcut intricate designs). We also make very unique dream catchers, and more!





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